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Author: Cmcarlos


Turtle on a Rock

Recently I started drawing on rocks! I used permanent markers and was inspired by the Waterfire Saga, which takes place in the sea.


Pretty in Pink

This amazing flower was spotted at my Grandparents cabin… It was so beautiful it just compelled me to take a pic of it!


Alluring Sunflowers

I’ve always wanted to capture an up-close-and-personal picture of an insect. This was my chance! So I snapped the shot and added a filter to add to the alluring beauty of bees and sunflowers.


Docks at Sunset

At my Grandparents lake, we fell for this sunset. Beautiful, alluring, marvellous. So I ran down to our dock and snapped this shot, capturing the beauty. And yes, I did put a filter on it.



On a walk with my family, I spotted the reflections of tree silhouettes on the surface of the neighbourhood retention pond. It was so beautiful and alluring. A family of ducks is also swimming in the pond, adding to the glimpse of nature.


View from a Bridge

I always bike past this old bridge over my neighbourhood retention pond and I finally took a picture of the view from the bridge. The red frame at the bottom of the picture is the bridge.


Iris Army

I took this picture because I wanted to focus on all the irises, not just one. It looks like a beautifully endless sea of irises!


Florida Hibiscus

I was in Florida for a trip and was walking down a path when I spotted this flower! So beautiful!


Flower Power

Poppies are unique and I love how they appeal to the eye and pop out. I was driven to take this photo because I wanted to share the beauty of the poppy with others.