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Author: Jelly

Closeup of a Twine bow on a plain brown package. the string is doubled as is the knot.

Jan’s Backpack

Even though this story (that I wrote) is directed at a younger audience; I’ll be the first one to admit I do love a good kids book every once-in-a-while!


Open for Adventure

Open roads and new friends. This summer I have dived headfirst into new and scary things, and as I look back I don’t regret one of them!



The flickering golden face watched Luce, She wanted to continue focus more. Luce wasn’t ready, Her body dropped in confusion. She didn’t understand. Still emerging, She recognized the golden sea, Devoured by her song.



This was a picture I took on my way home from camp. I made some new friends and a lot of good memories there.


Only Everything

Have you ever felt like the person you love was worlds away, and that no matter how hard you try they never seem to become any closer?


Until We Meet Again

I had so much fun looking through the books at the public library. I carried the large stack with me to a desk at the back I started to see a theme. After playing around with the titles I made this poem that to me describes adventure, friendship...


My Secret Place

I felt like the gray scale was appropriate for this picture, because this was a place where I used to go and spend time. After I moved I didn’t come here as often; but I am very fond of the memories that still make me smile to this...


Winter Wonderland

This is a “print” made from a piece of linoleum that I carved out. I love the how the ink stuck to one spot more than the others, it makes me think that there is a storm going on in the background.