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Author: jubilee_sarah

Black and white keys with reflection, shifting the focus and stylized old photo

Prelude and Fugue in C Minor

During a phone call following years of estrangement, grief draws out secrets from childhood that surprises both ends of the line. Will their vulnerability bring the two sisters closer together, or will their resentment drive them further apart?


Blue Sulfure

This is a photo that I took while visiting geysers in Iceland. The steam flowing from the pools of boiling water filled the air with the smell of sulfure, and the brilliance of the turqoise and blues of this particular pool caught my eye. I was inspired to...


Misty Mountain

I took this photo while on a choir tour in Iceland. We visited geysers and hot mud pits on our first day in Iceland, where I was able to capture the steam floating in front of the mighty snowcapped mountain. I appreaciated the contrast of the white mist...

Glass and tile mosaic

The Parting Glass

In a dystopian society that has been devastated and ravaged by the relentless greed of consumerism, Harper is faced with an inescapable apocalyptic fate. As she says goodbye to all she has ever known, will it be society that determines her destiny, or will she take matters into her own hands?


Birds Hill Joy

I was at Birds Hill beach with a group of friends, and the sunset lighting outlined us in a really neat way. I loved the way they we all looked like we were dancing.


Le Petit Rose

The book “Le Petit Prince” inspired me to draw a close-up of a rose, because I loved the character of the rose in the book, and I love drawing roses.


Mountain Spirit

While on vacation in BC, we stopped at the side of the road to enjoy the view of this Totem Pole and the mountains behind it. I loved the lighting and the way the colours of the carved wood looked vibrant next to the soft green of the...


Chinese Lanterns

At Christmas this past year, my family bought Chinese lanterns to release out in the country. As the lantern rose to meet the cloudy sky, it created such a mezmerizing and peaceful scene.


House wife epitomized

The idea behind this sketch was inspired by the book “The Help”. I drew a housewife washing dishes, dressed in fashion from the 1950s-1960s. I love the vintage aesthetic that the black ink portrays.


Solitary Drift

While on vacation in Ucluelet BC, I went on an evening stroll on the beach. I loved the way the dark, desolate background of the pacific highlighted the weathered beauty of this enormous piece of driftwood.