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Author: The Rival Dragons

closeup of natural blue ice

Loyalty Of The Dragons

Mountainous monsters, Sizzling Creatures Crisp burnt ash, makes dragons ask ‘Loyalty, perhaps?’ Made of ice, to have creatures flight Darkest corners of the earth, Warmest blood of the hearth. For thus dragon, burn the wood, Fuel our fears as we try to be piers. Such dragon will burn,...

Exit to the forest from the dark rocky cave, natural photo background

Dragons Of Cainaah

The water dragon growled, facing her most feared enemy…..Queen Jasper of the Cyarin Sisters. Her fear washed over her in thick waves, black masses stretching over the sky. The unfortunate water dragon knew what would happen, so did this heck of a queen. This ‘Queen’ was nothing even...


Book Review: Wings Of Fire: Moon Rising

Wings Of Fire: Moon Rising by Tui T. Sutherland My rating for this book: 5 stars out of 5 My favorite character(s) was Moon, Carnelian, Turtle, Sora, Winter, Qibli, and Tamarin. This book reminds me of Wings Of Fire: The Dark Secret. Honestly, Carnelian was a bit of...

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The Girl With The Visions

Mariana Karine Mahogany is a 15 year old female with schizophrenia and she has visions everyday, and She’s sent to Loraine and Daryl’s home for the Mentally affected. The teenager sees Demons, Poltergeists and Ghosts. When she arrives at the ‘home,’ there’s several others there. There’s 4 boys and 3 girls. Each have a different story, but one stands out above all the rest. What happens when all hell breaks loose and people start having weird experiences? Broken bones and dead animals and near death experiences.