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dead in the mall

An abstract poem that started with a hilarious book title and grew to be something. Theme of “afterlife” present. (I’m sorry I’m so formal…high school)


See the Outsiders

This book spine poem is asking people to see those who stand outside of the limelight and don’t quite fit in the mainstream mold of society. The metaphorical ‘night’ in this poem could be looked upon as any place outside of conventionality or popularity, and the outsiders who...


Braving the fire

I wrote this to put in to words how agonizing and isolated it feels when your dreaming of a different path than what life gives you… Waiting one day for your dream to come true..


The Fools and the Forgotten

“Lucky fools more happy than not carry on. I become shadow: forgotten” The bright yellow books symbolize the happiness that those who are ignorant have. As people who are ignorant, they often move on quickly from things that can be seen as serious. There are also more yellow...


Hero Gone Wrong

I only used 3 books but this poem is extremely powerful and is inspired by Macbeth by William Shakespeare. Macbeth could have been a great hero, and maybe at some point he was. He could have saved HIS OWN people, but he let his wife and her madness...



Sometimes, relationships don’t have a “happily-ever-after”. These book spines tell the story of two people who fell in love with each other but met their downfall — hence, the title. *Second book says “The Start of Me and You”


Only Everything

Have you ever felt like the person you love was worlds away, and that no matter how hard you try they never seem to become any closer?