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This picture was taken at Nova Scotia day at the Canada Summer Games Festival at the Forks. After an evening of live music true to the Nova Scotia culture, these beautiful fireworks wrapped up the event.


528 steps

This is a photo of the statue of Queen Anne outside of St.Pauls Cathedral. This cathedral was the most beautiful place I’ve ever been in but I was not allowed to take pictures there so I hold my memory of it in this photo. There, I climbed 528...


Glass Floors

This summer I spent a week in London, England and it was the best week of my life. This is a shot from the very first day, where we visited Tower Bridge. There we got to walk on a glass floor suspended above part of the bridge. And...


Books, books and more books

In every corner of our house there are books. On every surface, stacked on the floor and covering every wall, there are books. These are our books and this is me reading.


Big City, Little Me

This is a picture that I took when we were at the top floor of a parking area. The view really amazed me and made me think of how big the city is and how little I am. It gave me a satisfaction that there’s so much more...


Docks at Sunset

At my Grandparents lake, we fell for this sunset. Beautiful, alluring, marvellous. So I ran down to our dock and snapped this shot, capturing the beauty. And yes, I did put a filter on it.



On a walk with my family, I spotted the reflections of tree silhouettes on the surface of the neighbourhood retention pond. It was so beautiful and alluring. A family of ducks is also swimming in the pond, adding to the glimpse of nature.


View from a Bridge

I always bike past this old bridge over my neighbourhood retention pond and I finally took a picture of the view from the bridge. The red frame at the bottom of the picture is the bridge.


Iris Army

I took this picture because I wanted to focus on all the irises, not just one. It looks like a beautifully endless sea of irises!


Florida Hibiscus

I was in Florida for a trip and was walking down a path when I spotted this flower! So beautiful!