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Brown Bear Resting,close up shot

What Happens In The Sub-concious Mind

Isn’t it funny how silly fears can totally take over your sub-conscious? You might not even really be scared of something, your dreams may represent a new fear you didn’t even know you had…

Pouring Cola Into A Glass Of Ice


This is a story about an ice cube, Jacob McIce. See what happens when Jacob is chosen to be put in a glass of coke.


Hope you enjoy!

attraction small roller-coaster in Kharkiv in Ukraine


It was a hot day in middle of June. I was around five years old. My Mom, Dad, brother, sister and I were on our way to one of the biggest amusement parks in India. The humid breeze crashed onto me like the warm air when you open...

Black and white keys with reflection, shifting the focus and stylized old photo

Prelude and Fugue in C Minor

During a phone call following years of estrangement, grief draws out secrets from childhood that surprises both ends of the line. Will their vulnerability bring the two sisters closer together, or will their resentment drive them further apart?

Desert Marpat Digital Camouflage. Seamless Tileable Texture.


William a young lad has just joined the army with his bestie Crow. It has been his dream ever since he was a tiny toddler to join like his dad but as soon as he joins he comes face to face with humanity’s greatest enemies the Ogre’s

Glass and tile mosaic

The Parting Glass

In a dystopian society that has been devastated and ravaged by the relentless greed of consumerism, Harper is faced with an inescapable apocalyptic fate. As she says goodbye to all she has ever known, will it be society that determines her destiny, or will she take matters into her own hands?


Collateral Damage

Based on real events, an interview with a Syrian refugee family and how the civil war in Syria stripped the childhood away from twelve-year old Omar after witnessing death, destruction, and the will to live.